1. Introduction

TurboPepe: Two Great Ideas are Better than One!
We believe at the heart of any successful token is a good idea built by a trusted team. With Turbo and Pepe combined into TurboPepe, the team will easily run through their Roadmap and bring our investors to the promise land.
Our Founder: TurboSaylor is determined, talented and has compassion towards his fellow crypto bros/gals.
This is his first project as the main dev and is accompanied by Plumbus and Diamond.
We are all one, and no different to all you good people reading this, we have been through it all, we have seen the Gulag, we have seen Valhalla and we have seen everything in-between, time and time again!
We know the value a trusted team gives a project, peace-of- mind to our fellow “crypto bros/gals” is of paramount, its unmatched as it removes any Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.
No one wants or deserves their precious internet monies to be subject to unfavourable manipulation.
Join $VROOM on this exciting turbocharged journey as we combine AI-driven innovation, Pepe meme-coin craze and an experienced team. Bringing TurboPepe and its followers to Valhalla and beyond. Know you are in good hands with TurboPepe / $VROOM.

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